Quad Biking

Hail, rain or shine, take a tour on our purpose built Quad Bike courses. Mix your adventure between touring the remarkable Monaghan countryside and tackling the tight twisty trails. The land of the drumlins offers perfect conditions for this exhilarating and action packed activity. Ride our adrenaline filled trails which include an underground tunnel, overhead bridges, the river, muddy ditches, and a large competitive speed course where you are left to your ATV. These 4 wheeled all-terrain vehicles can tackle almost anything you need to get through. Embrace the nature as you feel the wind in your face whilst leaving dust in your path.

Suitable for all levels of experience and full safety tuition is provided. Your course will be chosen for your individual ability. Quad Biking offers an opportunity to de stress and have fun in a safe and controlled environment. Why not take a day away and discover the awe-inspiring countryside of Monaghan?


  • Tour our purpose-built obstacle courses.
  • Large competitive speed course.
  • Full tuition provided.
  • Essential safety equipment provided.


What you need:
  • Alway bring socks & gloves.
  • Bring extra layers of clothes if it’s cold.
  • Bring a full change of clothes and towels in wet weather.